Day Three – 03/20/2018

Third day in Tokyo winding to a close, and already had two days training, watched a couple dozen performances, and ran into Shingonawa Bingo this evening.
Among the performance highlights – Osada Steve on Saturday evening. My own performance that night wasn’t bad either. Nawashi Kanna had a very solid show on Sunday. Today included Yagami Ren – who was pretty much amazing. As got to see Shima Shikou, Ero Ouji, Doyama Tesshin, and Arisue Go.
There has been rope, floggers, candles, eels, rubber balls, bullwhips, and dare I say it….. Poop. Yes, poop is a thing here. And I was teased last evening that I should have paid more – because poop shows are more expensive here…. Even more interesting, because Kagura cleaned it up.
Tomorrow…. Well, there will be shopping at one of the coolest kink shops in the world. More training. And I have a date to tie with a lovely Italian woman I met on Saturday.
Tokyo gets more fun every time I come here. And did I mention wasabi potato chips???