Kinbaku New Mexico (KNM) is a private association, founded in 2015 as a group dedicated to the practice of Japanese Kinbaku, Semenawa, and Shibari – the sensual arts of Japanese erotic rope bondage.  Our mission is to be a resource for training and education, exchange of information, and networking for students and practitioners of Japanese bondage.

Far as we know, Steve is the only Japan-trained practitioner of Kinbaku in New Mexico.  And we have noticed that our approach to these arts is a bit different than we commonly see presented in the West.  That’s not to espouse any sort of “one-true-way-ism”.  Because rope truly is “free” – to be used in whatever way one wishes.

However, we want to make clear that we teach from the Japanese perspective.  The “how” and “why” of rope, and not just the “what”.  The focus of Japanese bondage is the person you are tying and your relationship with them.  Rope is the means, and not the end.

Unlike other groups, our approach at KNM is about teaching the sensual and connective building-blocks of Japanese rope bondage as an effective (and safe) vehicle for sensually restraining and gaining the submission of another, consenting person.  This, for mutually-enjoyable connection and D/s play.

You won’t find “self-tying” here.  No follow-along “paint-by-numbers” patterns.  We only teach suspension to students with sufficient knowledge and experience to understand its place in a “scene”, and do so safely.

Concentrating on the foundations first has proven over and over to deepen understanding, and make learning/retaining/applying more advanced concepts easier.

For those interested in simply learning to safely tie a partner for intimate play, we also offer a class for couples we call “Basic Bedroom Bondage”.  Please see the Classes Page,  or use the Contact Form to send us a note.

KNM’s Juku is a small and private space.  There is a limit to the number of people included in any training/event.  If reserving a place, we expect people to show-up.  And to let us know (if at all possible) if something changes, and they cannot attend.  Our events are announced via an email Newsletter.  Reservations are by email  (or text with established members) only.

We also expect to know something about people before they are invited into our space.  Since Covid, we have stopped requiring face-to-face meetings.  But instead ask a few basic questions:

– What is your experience with rope bondage?

– What (specific) workshops, groups, individual trainings have you attended?

– Is there a “school” or style interests you, or in which you have experience?

– Are you seeking instruction or social/tying?

– If seeking to learn, what are your interests?  Any particular goals?

– Do you have a social media presence, i.e. Fetlife, Instagram, etc?

Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know.  We look forward to hearing from you.  For general information, please use the Contact Form.  To apply for a Training Session, please use the Training Application.


“…we both noted the way this art opens up the heart even as the sexual fire lights up the space.”

— G