Semi-Open Kinbaku

Semi-Open Kinbaku is an instructional event for people interested in learning Japanese Rope Bondage. 

KNM Rope Salon

KNM Rope Salon is a semi-open gathering where enthusiasts of Japanese and Japanese inspired rope bondage can get together to tie and socialize. KNM staff will be in attendance to assist and advise. Please be aware this is not an instructional gathering.

Events are normally hosted on Saturday evenings. Other events to be scheduled based on input from attendees.  Events Calendar

Important – If you want to attend our events, read all of this:
These are NOT Public Events. If you have not attended an event at KNM in the past 18 months, please read the About KNM Page, and use the Contact Form. Introduce yourself, and give a brief summary of your interest and/or experience with Rope Bondage. We will then contact you.

We use email for Invitations. Period.
Click here for the Contact Form
Please be serious about attending. Reserving a place and not showing-up is considered bad manners.  Doing so (without some sort of prior notice) will put you at the bottom of the list for future events.
Reservations close on the Thursday before the event.  Final invitations are sent on Friday.

Space is Limited:
The KNM Juku is an intimate space. No more than 6-8 guests will be allowed.

Health/Covid Safety:
Let’s not allow politics to interfere. We are no longer asking for proof of vaccination status, and do not require masks. However, with Covid cases again on the rise, if you have chosen or have medical reasons to not be fully vaccinated, please do not RSVP for this event. If you feel safer wearing a mask, please do. If you are or have been under the weather, please wait until you feel better before attending.

What should you bring?
• An open mind.
• A willingness to meet and interact with others interested in rope bondage.
• Rope. We recommend at least 3 or 4 lengths of rope, preferably Jute, 7-8 meters in length, and 5-6mm in diameter.
• Someone to tie.
Please Note – These events are geared towards couples.
– Singles wishing to top: we have no mechanism in place to gain the advance consent of other participants to being observed.  If you’d like to attend, find someone to tie and bring them along.
– Singles wishing to be tied: we occasionally allow for this, if you’re willing to be tied and/or model for demonstrations.

Don’t have rope of your own?
We have limited rope available for use. And we always have rope for sale – both for beginners, and high-quality professional Jute.

Why is there a fee?

Semi-Open Kinbaku – We appreciate donations (suggested minimum of $20 per couple) for instruction, to help maintain the space, equipment, and provide for rope we loan to participants.

KNM Rope Salon – We appreciate donations (suggested minimum of $5 per person) to help maintain the space, equipment, and provide for rope we loan to participants.

Note that regular private sessions are $60.  If you absolutely can’t afford to donate, please let us know.  We won’t refuse you attending because of a lack of ability to pay.

Ogawa or Nawaya? The world may never know…