Tokyo – Day 8 – 03/25/2018

Training is quickly drawing to an end. And it makes me a little sad – because I have made tremendous progress during my time here. I’d love to find a way to stay another month and keep this roll going. But, one more session tomorrow, and I have plenty already to absorb and practice when I get back to NM.
As of this evening, I am the first and currently only Osada practitioner in North America certified in the new 3-rope TK. I am honored to be part of this evolution. And it is a substantial evolution in the construction of the tie. We also experimented the other night with adding some of the stabilizing elements from the 3TK into the Hojo-hishinawa as used for suspension. But that’s all technical stuff….
As my work here comes to a close, the fun can take its place. I have three full days to simply enjoy myself, including a couple evenings at local Rope bars. I’ve met some wonderful people, and reconnected with many of my Tokyo friends. Sakura is in full bloom now with the warmer weather. It has been a magical time – and I look for that to continue through the end of my visit to Japan.