Wow. Quite a whirlwind trip.

To say that everyone was exhausted this evening would be an understatement. No one got quite enough sleep after being out until nearly dawn.
But was it worth it? Oh, hell yeah….

I woke up this morning with just enough time to hit a restaurant before they stopped serving breakfast. Quick stop in a little pharmacy – found a hat (it’s gotten a bit colder here than I anticipated) that didn’t break the bank. The woman in the pharmacy was very friendly (read: flirty). With my eyes so crossed, I barely registered her enthusiasm…
Back to the Dojo for a NAP. Slept a couple more hours.
Okay, honest – today, I didn’t do much. Quick run out to get some lunch and down to Bic Camera to find a replacement lens cap for my camera.
Until time for training. Observed K’s session – then immediately after, was my turn. Aya-chan did not go out with us last evening, but I know she was exhausted at the end of two sessions in a row. Aya is such a sweet person – and a great rope bottom. I didn’t take photos of training, but she makes my rope look sooooo good….

A couple new patterns for me – but only as a palate-cleanser… Then immediately back to work on the performance piece. It was interesting how we ran into different issues with the sequence. Wonderful learning opportunity to meet different challenges in the midst of a familiar action. We have a couple more sessions left. Still hoping we can veer off the Yukimura path for at least one session of work towards my next Kyu-level.

Of course I ate sushi for dinner. I think it’s been every night but one this trip. Being here in Ikebukuro, it is way to easy to go there often. And I don’t regret that. Food is amazing, and the staff are fun.
The only thing I’m not sure of – and this is a repeating problem – what the hell do I eat when I go back to the U.S.??? With half this trip left in front of me, frankly, I ain’t even gonna’ think about that one……