Good morning. Beginning of Day 5, and the weather has turned a bit cooler and wet. I’ll get out and enjoy a brisk walk in a bit. Maybe do some “touristing” today. The Hokusai museum is definitely on my list for this trip. The national Sword museum as well. I’ll spare you the details of how so many historic Samurai-era swords were lost at the end of WWII. Short end – it was a tragedy of ignorance.

As for Day 4, there was no time to tourist. Down the street for breakfast, then back to the Dojo to review, review, review…

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect-practice makes perfect.”
— Jammin’ Jeff

Wise words from my old friend, and guitar mentor. Repeating mistakes and poor form won’t help anyone learn. And this is one of the reasons I have such a good relationship with Osada Steve. He expects precision. With the goal of perfection. So we practice, and repeat. Correct little errors, and explore the details – always seeking beauty and connection.

Aya-chan is a favorite model for many who come here. She is a very experienced, very capable, and very attractive rope bottom. She reacts well to rope, and thru that gives me a lot of feedback about how a sequence is progressing. Sometimes I like working with someone who speaks English. Aya does not. So our communication is pure – rope – connection.

We worked a long time yesterday – not on “exciting” new patterns. But most of it a meditation on the details of one sequence in particular. Breathing the connection. Enjoying a cascade of pure connection through rope, and improving form, enhancing the beauty of everything…

I received a message that we will be having a formal meeting early next week to discuss an event to be held in March. I am humbled, intimidated, and excited by this prospect. It’s not yet a “sure thing”. But it has already progressed far beyond any expectation I had when the idea was first proposed to me last trip.

Sore (sitting on the floor is hell on my hips and knees) and tired after training, we walked down the street for sushi, and much laughter.

Tonight – observing another student training, then we’ll head down to Kabukicho to visit some friends there…..